3 Easy Tips for Effective Remote Working

Remote working is becoming more and more common. Even large companies are allowing their employees to work from home for a part of the week. Still for some people it can be tough to adjust to such freedom and keep working effectively. Here are some tips for a stress-free switch.

Remote working is better with social interactions

Make sure you have enough social interactions

The biggest danger of working remotely is staying isolated. So make sure you have enough time and opportunities to interact with your colleagues. Set up weekly video calls, engage when you need any advice, or simply say hello in your corporate messenger – all these are the ways to feel a part of the team.

It’s also so easy to slip into complete physical isolation while working from home. Push yourself to get out, meet with a friend for a lunch or make some exercise in the park. Staying home for the whole day can make you crazy in a week, even if you are a complete introvert.

Set up your remote working space

Comfortable working conditions can significantly increase your productivity. First of all, plan, where you would like to spend your day. Find a quiet place where you can leave your belongings and work without any distractions.

However remote working doesn’t mean you have to stay home all the time. Perhaps a nice cafe or library can motivate you for an effective day. Still it’s important to make sure your work through public Wi-Fi connection is secured. Use VPN Tracker World Connect in order to protect all your sensitive data from any hacking attempts. Our VPN Tracker World Connect instantly encrypts your internet activity to secure your work through any public Wi-Fi network.

VPN remote working

Another trick here is to invest into your working space. Companies are providing their employees with comfortable places to work, full of refreshments, newest tools and tech accessories. You can also prepare for your day to go smoothly. A pair of good headphones will keep you away from loud noises and comfortable chair will help your back to stay healthy.

Take advantage of you remote work and find the most comfortable working clothes. You can stick with an old pair of jeans or choose a fancy dress if it helps you to stay motivated. No one will judge your for over- or underdressing, at least until you are not on the video call. However stay away of your pajamas – separate working clothes will signalise your brain that it’s time to work.

Make sure you have access to your employer’s network. Nowadays most companies restrict availability of their inner sources for data protection. So don’t forget to choose a reliable VPN provider to connect to your company’s files. Download VPN Tracker 365 and set it up in a few easy steps with the help of our detailed configuration guides. Alternatively you can just get in touch with our support team if you’re stuck.

Plan your remote working schedule

Make a schedule

Many people think that remote working lets them have much more time for themselves. However they’re wrong. It’s just so easy to overwork when your laptop is always nearby and you can easily check mail or begin another small task. Give your day a fixed structure and plan not only its’ beginning and ending, but also breaks. No one can work productively without taking small breaks for a bit of stretching or a cups of coffee.

Making a shared schedule will also let your colleagues know when you are available or busy and shouldn’t be interrupted. Thus you can plan to work in your peak hours when your productivity is on top.

Remote work can seems challenging in the beginning, but with time you’ll find out the best way for you to stay on track. Try our easy tips for the first steps to the effective work from home.

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