No Snooper’s Charter! VPN Tracker World Connect now offers “Bypass UK” Option


If you live in the UK, or frequently travel to the UK, you need to protect yourself against the Snooper’s Charter! Here at equinux we’ve decided to take steps to protect our customers again the controversial “Investigatory Powers Bill” – also known as the “Snooper’s Charter” – and have added a special security option to VPN Tracker World Connect. Users can use the new option to protect their privacy and personal data on their Mac, iPhone and iPad.
magic-bg-uksnooperWhat is the Snooper’s Charter and why should you care?

The mass-surveillance bill gives the British Government and 48 governmental organizations unprecedented access to your data: Internet and telecommunication-providers now have to collect and store so-called “Internet Connection Records” (ICR) for 12 months. That means all your internet activity, including which websites you visit, which search queries you used, chat records etc, is being collected.

How to fight back: Stay anonymous with VPN Tracker World Connect and encrypt your entire internet traffic

If you live in the UK or often visit, you need to act now. VPN Tracker World Connect offers a new Magic VPN option called “Bypass UK”. It automatically figures out which VPN servers are best for your connection and connects you to a server outside the UK. That means your data is encrypted and stays private.

VPN Tracker World Connect customers can rely on the highest encryption standards (AES-256 with DH-Group 18) and thanks to unlimited VPN data, you can leave it connected all day.


Try VPN Tracker World Connect free for 24 h. Plans start at 11.99 /month. VPN Tracker World Connect is available for iPhone and iPad and Macs.